Fantasy action platformer with a really intense chandelier
Tech: Flash Actionscript 3
Team size: 2
Dev time: 1 month

Baseborn was my final project for an introductory game programming  course. It was the first “real” game I ever wholly finished, and it sparked a friendship that has led to many many more game dev shenanigans.

What I did…

  • Primary game and level design
  • Created and implemented all graphics and animation
  • Composed, produced, and implemented all sound effects and music
  • Designed and developed player HUD backend and frontend
  • Various other gameplay programming

Despite it being a very clearly amateur game, I am proud of what we accomplished, and I think it is an excellent game to call my first.


P.S. I am still kind of proud of this pixel art chandelier I made back then (I am not an artist)…